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Data protection & control for Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint based environments.

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Secure A Chain Of
Data Custody

Chain of data custody should be maintained to ensure admissibility and evidence integrity.

Clients utilizing Cypher Cloud are able to fulfill chain of custody requirements with complete transparency and auditability of file activity. Detailed log events such as who accessed a file, at what time, and whether a file was modified, downloaded and/or shared.

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for any file sharing control.

Given our background in risk-sensitive fields, we set our sights on creating a product that is robust, which makes optimum use of the existing Microsoft infrastructure, and scales with the adoption of Microsoft Azure.

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The ultimate solution to avoid insider mistakes and cyberthreats. Enterprise-level security that is both easy to use and affordable.
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Why Cypher Cloud?

Defend your intelectual property

Defend your Intellectual Property

Track and protect your files even after they are emailed. Maintain advanced control through Secure File Share:
• Control how files are used.
• Timestamp when file was opened.
• Log time spent on each page.
• Know location of every file via IP geolocation.

Limit duration of access

Limit Duration of Access

In many cases, data shouldn’t be shared forever.
• Limit how long a file remains viewable.
• Shared files can be recalled instantaneously.
• Access to shared files can be revoked at any time, whether in an inbox or opened on a web browser.

Increased protection and governance

Increased Protection and Governance

Create an auditable trace of who accessed your data with AI-powered sensors.
• Monitor suspicious activity.
• Maintain compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other consumer protection laws.

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Safely Send Files

Turn any file into a PDF-like experience, allowing you to share non-editable, secured files by using Cypher Cloud. Protect your data wherever it goes. Set file sharing expiration and instantly revoke access to previously shared files..

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Industry-Level Compliance

Cypher Cloud ensures compliance with multiple industry requirements. GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more are covered the moment you deploy Cypher Cloud.

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Real-Time Cloud Protection

Automatic and instantaneous data protection of all your cloud-based files with an intuitive unified interface. Secure your data at the source with crypto-agile encryption. Protects files where the reside, not a 3rd party hosted solution.

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