Digital Asset Custody And Control

The easiest, and most cost effective way to share digital assets for all types of video, including body-worn video, in-car video, interview room video, CCTV video, photographs, audio, documents and more – even across agencies.


Active Cypher data guard
active cypher secure a chain of data custody Enterprise-level security
Cloud Based

Secure A Chain Of
Evidence Custody

The chain of custody should be maintained to ensure admissibility and asset integrity.

Clients utilizing EMS are able to fulfill chain of custody requirements with complete transparency and auditability of file activity. Access and viewing activity is captured and logged events such as who accessed a the shared video file, at what time, and whether the video file custody was transferred to the recipient.

active cypher secure a chain of data custody Enterprise-level security

Share evidence while protecting the chain of custody

Our Evidence Management System allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user. Groups and Organizations are configured to align with the policies of your department, and all this can be customized.

Control evidence retention and file sharing periods

Officers can share BodyCam files, videos, audios, photos, and documents through a simple process of selecting files, setting sharing expiration period, and controlling permission for chain of custody with options to block the download or transfer of evidence, unless authorized.

Complete audit trail logging of sharing, usage, location, and identifying metadata of evidence sharing.

Shared files are automatically deleted upon expiration to purge the files based on the department policies.

Share evidence across department or agencies seamlessly, while enforcing authentication and authorizing policies.

Defend your intelectual property

Defend your evidence Property

Track and protect your files even after they are emailed. 
• Control how files are used with viewing, downloading and printing options that can be changed before, and after the files are shared.
• Timestamp when file was opened.
• Log time spent on each video.
• Know location of every file viewed via IP geolocation.

Limit duration of access

Limit Duration of Access

View evidence files on any device. No Software to install, no plugins, add-ins or downloads.

Active Cypher’s evidence custody sharing system is HTML5 browser-based solution allows for easy viewing on any device while enforcing data loss policies preventing the download of the Bodycam and evidence files, requiring the recipient to be authenticated, identified, and authorized prior to the video rendering to their device securely.

Increased protection and governance

Increased Protection and Governance

Works with many Bodycam video management systems, operating side-by-side with them, while enabling the easy sharing of Bodycam footage with simple mouse right-click in Windows Explorer.

active cypher

Files are uploaded to department’s Cloud Storage and purged automatically when shared files expire.

Departments do not need to purchase additional storage space as the files are only retained during the sharing period.

active cypher

Location Based Compliance

Shared evidence files are uploaded to a Microsoft Azure Cloud within the Geographical locale of each country with datacenters in United States, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Poland, Spain, and many other regions.

Files will only leave your datacenter if you allow for the transfer of chain of custody to the recipient. Files are rendered from within the datacenter, out to the authenticated and authorized user using HTML5 server rendering without the file being transferred down to the recipient.

active cypher

Evidence sharing made simple

Manage all types of data, including body-worn video, in-car video, interview room video, CCTV, photographs, audio, documents and more.

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