Authenticated user creates a new file in an Active Cypher designated network directory/folder.
Active Cypher encrypts and saves updated files, and concurrently streams its actions to the client’s Azure analytics database.
Files at rest protected by Active Cypher anywhere in the AD/AAD environment are encrypted with multiple layers of unique protection and display the .amt extension.
OUT OF THE LOOP: When encrypted files get loose – stolen computer, user email error, data hacks, lost thumb drives – the file cannot be decrypted.
Upon user file requests, the Active Cypher agent checks with AD/AAD for current and valid permissions to the file. If so, only then does Active Cypher decrypt the file. Relevant events are streamed to the analytics database.
Authenticated user(s) updates the file.
Active Cypher re-encrypts the updated file.

The Active Cypher architecture combines Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) with integrated, transparent file-level encryption. File assets are protected at rest and in transit, even when they are removed from the physical device or the company network.

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