Quantum Encryption Standard (QES)

Using proprietary, innovative technologies that leverage new approaches and unique performance accelerants, Active Cypher developed the most powerful quantum-resilient encryption.

Our bit-shifting/bit-stream cipher algorithms were designed to be impervious to brute force attacks based on integer-based prime factorization techniques which have been documented quantum computer infosec world.

Superior Security

Active Cypher's QES provides the highest level of encryption available on the market today. Not based on math, QES is completely randomized.

Goodbye AES/RSA

Active Cypher's security goes far beyond conventional encyryption. QES' employs a proprietary security algorithm, utilizing a virtual one-time pad, providing greater security, randomness and obfuscation.

Quantum Compliance

Secure your data today and tomorrow. Even the highest levels of conventional encryption will be cracked.
Without Active Cypher QES

Sensitive files exposed to hackers and employee mistakes.  Security measures such as firewalls and threat detection applications do not completely eliminate compromising incidents.  Risk of quantum hacking overhanging.

With Active Cypher File Fortress

Active Cypher built the world’s fastest real-time quantum-resilient encryption, providing its client’s with powerful, worry-free file security.

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