Cypher Scout

Active Cypher’s Cypher Scout is a cybersecurity analysis tool, a combination of management tool, reporting tool, and inspection tool.

Active-Cypher-Scout-Manager-Reports-Agent Azure Active Directory

Cypher Scout’s cybersecurity analysis generates a list of issues to address with remediation guidance and best practices to infrastructure and security.

Cypher Scout  checks your enterprise IT configuration and helps you adjust it to optimize your data protection. Cypher Scout utilizes the best practices defined by Microsoft’s Compliance and Security.

Once the corporate IT configuration is verified, Cypher Scout displays a report with its findings. Based on the results of the report, the Active Cypher team will be happy to work together with you to solve any remaining obstacles to the successful protection of your data.

Active-cypher-Simplified-and-Accelerated-Migration-to-Cloud Azure Active Directory
active cypher

Simplified And Accelerated Migration To Cloud

  • Leverages Azure Active Directory
  • Automates the implementation of entire cloud infrastructure in a couple of hours
  • Provides default strong minimum level of security across the network
  • Monthly/quarterly deployments of Scout ensure continued security

Implement Typically Unused
Azure Licensed Features

Group 4080

Azure File Services

Group 4080

Windows Virtual Desktop

Group 4080

Azure Security Center

Group 4080

Azure Information Protection

Group 4080

Azure Log Analytics

Group 4080

Compliance Center

Group 4080

Azure Sentinel

Group 4080

Secure Score

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