Active Cypher Scout is a combination of management tool (Active Cypher Scouting Manager), reporting tool (Active Cypher Scouting Reports), and on-prem inspection tool (Active Cypher Scouting Agents).  Active Cypher Scout’s analysis generates a list of issues to address with remediation guidance and best practices to infrastructure and security.

Scout works together as an application that checks your enterprise IT configuration and helps you adjust it to optimize your data protection.  Active Cypher Scout utilizes the best practices defined by Microsoft’s Compliance and Security.

Once the corporate IT configuration is verified, Active Cypher Scout displays a report with its findings. Based on the results of the report, the Active Cypher team will be happy to work together with you to solve any remaining obstacles to the successful protection of your data.

Scouting Manager

Scouting Manager is the Azure-tenant component that collects data from the agents running on your local server. Scouting Manager analyzes and correlates this data to produce meaningful recommendations and create actionable reports.

Scouting Reports

Remediation, recommendations, and categorical reporting.

Scouting Agents

Downloadable executables (.NET) that are deployed to each file server and domain collecting system data, forwarding it to Scouting Manager.

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