Protect Against Ransomware

Automatically encrypt and protect all files against ransomware in a shared company folder and allow secure file sharing with 3rd parties while enforcing GDPR compliance.

Sharing files and folders is both a basic and essential task performed by nearly all organizations daily. It allows organization employees to share organization resources based on their need to use them.
The challenge is that when you share a file, you still want to have full control and visibility about what happened and will happen with that file and by whom. Chain of data custody should be maintained to ensure admissibility and evidence integrity. Clients utilizing Active Cypher can fulfill chain of custody requirements with complete transparency and auditability of file activity. AI-powered sensors capture and log events such as who accessed a file, at what time and geo-location, and whether a file was modified, downloaded and/or shared.
You control, whether the documents are read-only, printable, or editable and you can limit the duration of access, regardless of where you sent it and can be revoked at any time.
GDPR compliance is ensured as all the files are encrypted and the retention period (how long the file can be accessed) can be set. Access to the file can be revoked at any time and possible data breaches can be easily audited.


Active Cypher Solution:

Group 4080

Before: No Encryption

Group 4081

After: Only Encrypted Text



  • Windows-based servers, workstations, and laptops.
  • Windows Active Directory-based Domain authentication.
  • Single AD Forest configuration.
  • Files stored in networked shared folders, with permissions set by Active Directory (AD).

Network Topography

  • LAN Based network, centralized file storage, AD Domain Access Control.
  • User Workstations are AD Domain joined and authenticated for access to network resources: files, folders, and printers. 

Software Requirements

Servers – Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2016  

Workstations – Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise

File Servers and Workstations – Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7