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Active Cypher is a Data Protection partner specializing in protecting & securing data at the asset level across its lifecycle with a simple, effective, and affordable approach. We make true Data Protection practical and achievable by enabling data to be self-protected everywhere, even when firewalls and other security measures fail.

Our Vision

We see a world where there is freedom for individuals and organizations to live and work with confidence knowing data is always protected. 

About Us

Active Cypher provides comprehensive encryption, complete access control, and threat monitoring/remediation solutions for businesses that run on Microsoft technology. We place businesses in control of risk at the organizational level and restore the freedom to be effective at the individual level.


We make it possible for organizations to proactively secure their data from hacking, ransomware, and accidental disclosure of sensitive information. By enabling data to protect itself, we render it worthless to ransomware attackers and turn potential data breaches from catastrophes to inconveniences. 

Partnered with Microsoft…

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As a Microsoft partner, our solutions are available for purchase directly on Azure AppSource and the Azure Marketplace.

Why Choose Active Cypher?

  • Active Cypher is the ONLY solution on the market that fulfills the critical promise of Data Protection and fully protects sensitive assets from ransomware, data breaches, and inadvertent exposure. 


  • We deliver unmatched data security and protection at a fraction of the cost required to stitch together similar coverage using other solutions and methods. 


  • Our comprehensive encryption has no gaps because it works at the file level itself instead of only protecting data on a specific server, drive, or collaboration platform.


  • No third-party trust is required. Your data stays 100% private and under your control within Microsoft Azure and Active Directory environments (with best-in-class security built in).


  • Our system works without high costs, lengthy deployment cycles, excessive IT workload, or arduous data classification and labeling. Instead, planning takes a day or two and installation takes an afternoon. 

  • Our software enacts policies our clients set at the business level to protect sensitive, proprietary, and high-value data at every level, without making work harder for end users.

Our Team

Our Board

Our Core Values


We aren’t afraid to pull back the veil of mystification and tell the truth about the state of the data loss prevention and cybersecurity industry. Coming to terms with the current gaps in data protection & security is the ONLY way to move forward.


We have designed a precise solution that leverages existing infrastructure to fix the data protection problem at its root without creating new vulnerabilities. We dramatically reduce complexity for administrators and end users so they can get back to work. 


We believe in giving clients confidence in their data protection & security by delivering an effective solution that keeps their data within their control at all times. We never require clients to trust us with their data or “outsource their risk.”

Want to regain confidence in the security of your data regardless of current and future cyberthreats? Contact our team to explore your options.

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