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Protect Files No Matter Where You Store or Send Them

Cypher Cloud provides full security & protection of data at the asset level so your data can protect itself, even if it falls into the wrong hands. 

Maintain Control over Sensitive Files…Everywhere

  • Share information inside or outside your organization without giving up control of your data. 

  • Provide a “view-only” experience that shields source code and provides visibility and control over whether files are modified, downloaded, printed, or shared. 

  • Revoke user access remotely at any time since your files remain securely in YOUR cloud environment. 

Data First Enterprise-Class Security That’s Easy & Affordable

We simplify Data Protection with a solution that works within your cloud to immediately secure your data from ransomware, theft, errors, and data breaches, protecting everything from PII to Intellectual Property. New files and existing files are protected with robust, future-ready encryption at the asset level, making them useless to bad actors even if a breach occurs.

Cypher Cloud Secures & Protects Your Data Everywhere

Works across Cloud Environments, Email Services, and File Sharing Applications 

Protect Data the Simple Way

Notable Benefits

  • Low effort for administration, no effort for end users

  • No third-party trust required, keep your data in your own cloud

  • Maintain and prove compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more 

Favorite Features

  • Recall shared files instantaneously if sent by mistake

  • Revoke access at any time, whether in an inbox or a web browser

  • Set a duration to limit how long files can be viewed

See More Details

Download our technical brief on Cypher Cloud to explore features, capabilities, and requirements. 

Implement Simple, Effective Data Protection and Security in a Single Afternoon. 

Contact our team to learn more.

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