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Partner with Active Cypher

Active Cypher is a modern Data Protection solution specializing in protecting & securing data at the asset level across its lifecycle with far less complexity and cost. Our simple and effective approach redefines Data Protection by enabling data to be self-protected everywhere even when firewalls and other security measures fail.

Helping Your Clients

Take responsibility for data protection out of the hands of end users, providing unobtrusive security that works everywhere without requiring end-user cooperation or decision-making. Remove friction between IT and users over security protocols.

Dedicated Sales Team

We can help you identify new opportunities and support you as you approach your networks. Active Cypher (AC) is deployed as a Microsoft Cloud-based Trusted, Secure & Resilient Solution for each client to ensure the integrity of every operation, transaction, and workflow, and delivers un-compromised user productivity, while modernizing Data Loss Protection to its original intent by focusing on Data Protection.

In-House Support Team

The customer only rings twice. We pick up. Personalized, efficient, and friendly support 24/7. Active Cypher proactively monitors for disruption, so the client can deliver continuous service quality and business continuity.

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