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Safeguard Sensitive Files On-Prem, In the Cloud, and On the Go

Cypher Protect secures your data assets in even the most complex hybrid environments, giving you complete control and visibility everywhere your data is sent, stored, or shared. 

Make Your Data Immune to Mistakes, Breaches, and Ransomware

  • Asset-level encryption means bad actors can’t use your data, even if they defeat firewalls, VPNs, and other security measures.

  • Files always remain within the environment you own, allowing you to revoke access instantly, no matter where files are being opened or viewed.

  • Get stronger data security with no changes in system administration and no impact on end user experience.

Deploy Data First Cybersecurity with Future-Ready Encryption

Our simple and effective approach to Data Protection fills the gaps other protective measures can’t address. Cypher Protect encrypts each individual file within hybrid environments across on-premise installations, cloud environments, email, file sharing, and more. Whether at rest or in motion, your sensitive data is ALWAYS in sight and under control. 

Cypher Protect Secures & Shields Your Data Everywhere

Works across Cloud Environments, Email Services, and File Sharing Applications 

Protect Data the Simple Way

Notable Benefits

  • Affordable price point and easy deployment for instant security with no interruption of workflows

  • No third-party trust required, keep your data in your own environment

  • Maintain and prove compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more 

Favorite Features

  • Shield source data and control whether files can be edited, downloaded, printed, or shared

  • Revoke access at any time, whether in an inbox or a web browser

  • Set a duration to limit how long files can be viewed

See More Details

Download our technical brief on Cypher Protect to explore features, capabilities, and requirements. 

Implement Simple, Effective Data Protection and Security in a Single Afternoon. 

Contact our team to learn more.

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