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Proactively Manage Active Directory to Optimize Data Protection

Cypher Scout offers a lightweight and effective way to continuously identify and mitigate risks in Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and File Server environments.

Active Directory Is the Backbone of Your System. Make It Stronger.

  • Diagnose issues with inspection and audits that reveal security gaps relate to user accounts

  • Access online reporting for any issues found, gaining insight into areas for risk mitigation

  • Manage the system by prioritizing and remediating risks based on expert guidance

Achieve Cyber Security Maturity Goals with Less Effort

Cypher Scout gives you a solid baseline to know where you stand. You can track progress with ongoing reports, and have a clear roadmap for implementing Microsoft best practices that prevent future issues. 

Cypher Scout Improves Your Security Posture

Works across Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and File Server

Protect Your Active Directory The Simple Way

Notable Benefits

  • Implement best practices to head off emerging threats and improve compliance

  • See and address risks that were previously hidden

  • Understand how to fix the most critical issues first

Favorite Features

  • No installation required, runs as a standalone app from a file server

  • Configuration is simple, no customization required

  • Displays reporting in a local folder

See More Details

Download our technical brief on Cypher Scout to explore features, capabilities, and requirements. 

Give Active Directory the Protection It Deserves. 

Contact our team to learn more.

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