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Turn a Data Breach from a

Catastrophe to an


With Active Cypher, your sensitive data can protect itself from hacking, ransomware attacks, and employee mistakes.




To make a real difference in the digital landscape, we’ve created a solution that’s accessible to businesses of all sizes.

End Your Data Security Worries in a Single Afternoon

Get asset-level protection & security across the data lifecycle. Deployment takes a few hours. You could be one day away from truly securing your data assets from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Get Affordable Protection for Your Data . . . Everywhere

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective solution to close the gaps that are leaving your data at risk. We do this by solving the RIGHT problem with a simple but effective solution.

Infographic. Central cloud graphic with 3 padlocks, one has a paper, one has a file folder, one has a keypad. Above the cloud is a phrase "Workflow Enablement" with icons next to it. One says "Email sharing, controlled, revocable access" and the other says "File sharing, controlled, revocable access". Below the cloud is the phrase "Data Protection" with 3 sets of icons. One says "Former employee access revoked", the second says "Firewall defeated, no hacker access" and the third says "Bad actor, no access".
Mature Businessman

Entrust Your Data to the Right Organization. . . Yours!

With Active Cypher, NO third-party trust is required. Secure your data within your OWN environment. Responsibility for data protection is yours. We give you the tools that make it easy.

Why We Do It

We dedicate our time to solving worthy problems that bring freedom back to our online lives.

At Active Cypher, we believe in restoring the rights of privacy and security to the digital world. Starting NOW.

See How Active Cypher Works Across Industries

Our solutions help organizations in a wide range of industries implement Zero-Trust Security for greater control and less risk, protecting and securing the data that matters most.


Icon of a set of measures, as if often used to indicate a legal or justice matter.


Icon of a stylized building with columns, to symbolize financial institutions.


Icon of healthcare cross with central heart.


Icon of shield with a pad lock in the center. This is to represent Managed Security Service Providers.


Data Security That Won’t Slow You Down

With Active Cypher, your people don’t have to jump through hoops to keep data secure. We bring SIMPLICITY to Data Protection across the data supply chain by replacing user compliance efforts with built-in protection.


  • Take full control of data security at the organizational level

  • Restore the freedom to be effective at the individual level

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