Deep Tech File Security for the Cloud

Active Cypher’s deep tech file security protects you against the inevitable breach and inadvertent data loss that confronts every organization.

Without Active Cypher

Sensitive files exposed to hackers and employee mistakes.  Security measures such as firewalls, anti-phishing filters, and detection apps do not completely eliminate compromising incidents.

With Active Cypher

Active Cypher is the fastest real-time encryption with no passwords, certificates or keys that allow businesses to experience powerful, worry-free security.

Detection is

Too Late

It is difficult and time consuming to detect a data breach and theft.  Ensuring your data is unintelligible to thieves and criminal buyers starts with one simple step.

The Stats Are Alarming


Number of data records stolen today*


Of small businesses fail within 6 months after a cyberattack**


Average cost of data breach***
*Gemalto Breach Level Index Report (2018)  **U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance  ***IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report (2019)

The Benefits of Active Cypher

The future of deep tech encryption is here

Always Encrypted

Files are always encrypted and only available for viewing and editing by authorized users.


No Additional Resources

No hardware, no console, no control panels, no mind-numbing configuration requirements. No “shelfware”.

Extremely Secure

Active Cypher enhances AES 256 while employing a proprietary security algorithm, utilizing a virtual one-time pad, providing greater security, randomness and obfuscation.

Easy to Install and Use

Ridiculously easy to install and deploy, with users unaware and unaffected by the encryption process. No learning curve, no training, no hassle.

Blazing Fast

Due to its uniquely low latency, and minimal CPU impact, Active Cypher operates faster and more efficiently at the file level.

Deep Integration

Deeply integrated with Windows security groups in Active Directory. Synchronizes with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud services.

Watch what Active Cypher can do

One product protecting millions of files

Demo 3:26

This is a real-world demo of Active Cypher, showcasing the installation, file encryption and ability to open, edit and save files

GDPR Strategy Webinar 23:53

Pseudonymizing and encryption of personal data + regularly testing, assessing, and evaluating the effectiveness of technical measures.

9 Reasons Why Your Company Is Leaking Sensitive Data 1:42

Why encrypting your files is the only way to protect your data from internal and external threats.

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