Data Loss Prevention: Proactive, Reactive, Intentional

Securing your data wherever you store or send your files.

Data-centric Security

Active Cypher’s product suite protects your files wherever they’re stored and ensures you have control of how they are used, even after you email them outside the organization. Security, governance and compliance all built into your data-focused security strategy.

Zero Trust Made Easy

Wherever you have assets, Active Cypher protects and monitors their use. Network-wide dynamic encryption and governance are applied to all of your organizations’ files. Whether they’re saved on your employees’ laptops, in a private cloud instance, or 3rd party shared storage, Active Cypher protects your data.

Read this whitepaper to understand how Active Cypher implements a Zero Trust security model with Active Cypher File Fortress (ACFF).

Active Cypher’s Trusted Architecture

Active Cypher leverages and greatly expands Microsoft Azure’s strong security architecture.  All our solutions are data-centric and policy-driven.  Active Cypher is built to be storage, transit, and data-agnostic while being designed for easy adoption and deployment.

File Fortress

File Fortress for Enterprise is a DLP platform that provides user and device-based security for data across your organization.  File Fortress’s user-based protection encrypts all files across your hybrid network and leverages Active Directory to provide access privileges to needed resources seamlessly to the end-user.  The solution includes our Data Guard product.

Download File Fortress for Enterprise Datasheet

Data Guard

Data Guard protects your computer against data destroying malware and ransomware. Empowers you to control how data is being used when sent outside your organization’s control. Real-time backup of data to the cloud shortens recovery time.
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