File Security

Intelligent, quantum-resilient file security automated to operate invisibly with immutable compliance governance.

Without Active Cypher File Fortress

Sensitive files exposed to hackers and employee mistakes.  Security measures such as firewalls and threat detection applications do not completely eliminate compromising incidents.

With Active Cypher File Fortress

Active Cypher built the world’s fastest real-time quantum-resilient encryption, providing its client’s with powerful, worry-free file security.

Detection is

Too Late

It is difficult and time consuming to detect a data breach and theft.  Ensuring your data is indecipherable to thieves starts with one simple step.

The Stats Are Alarming


Number of files stolen today*


Of small businesses fail within 6 months after a cyberattack**


Average cost of data breach***
*Gemalto Breach Level Index Report (2018)  **U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance  ***IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report (2019)

The Benefits of Active Cypher File Fortress

End-To-End Encryption

Files are always encrypted and only available for viewing and editing by authorized users.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Real-time data security.  No dilution of file governance across cloud storage endpoints.

Intelligent Threat Response

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven threat protection and incident response prevents the spread of breaches inside any data center and cloud.


Never trust, always verify.  Identity-centric attributes obtained from Azure Active Directory metadata and evaluated with risk-based escalations.

Secure Private Cloud

Leveraging deep integration with Azure and Active Directory to deploy your own secure private cloud. Synchronizes with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud services.

Compliance & Governance

Single pane of glass compliance measures and risk management in support of client’s requirements.

Cloud Storage Integration

Active Cypher easily integrates with cloud storage services like One Drive, Office 365, SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and others.

100% deployed and running in under 60 minutes.

Active Cypher is easy to install and is deeply-integrated within the Microsoft Server and Azure/Office 365 environment.

Active Cypher is flexible and can be deployed on-premise, as a hybrid solution or as Cloud- only, within an hour.


If a company is performing a “lift-and-shift” into Azure, Active Cypher is there protecting all company files. This means there is no need for implementation services, technical enablement programs or customer onboarding programs.

Check system requirements with Active Cypher Scout

Download AC Scout


• Windows Server 2008 R2 through Windows Server 2019

Operating System

• Windows 7 through Windows 10


• Office 365 or Azure Tenant with Subscription for Domain synchronization

Watch what Active Cypher can do

Demo 3:26

See how Active Cypher installs and easily encrypts files

GDPR Strategy Webinar 23:53

Pseudonymizing and encryption of personal data + regularly testing, assessing, and evaluating the effectiveness of technical measures.

9 Reasons Why Your Company Is Leaking Sensitive Data 1:42

Why encrypting your files is the only way to protect your data from internal and external threats.

Enhance the Fortress: Active Cypher Add-ons

MS Teams Secured

First provider of “Azure Files”-based file security within Microsoft Teams.

Immutable Blockchain Record

Using the power of Blockchain and Active Cypher, we are helping build more efficient and secure Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts.

Integrate Security Data with PowerBI

Active Cypher collects data and generates reports that can be added into Microsoft PowerBI.

File Protection on Windows Virtual Desktop

Active Cypher is a Windows Virtual Desktop value added services provider that equips IT with encryption technology to protect the enterprise from breaches and data loss. With Active Cypher, innovative encryption technology supports the overall file protection strategy to securely run Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

Active Cypher works inside of Azure Information Protection to encrypt the files within established security groups in Active Directory. Active Cypher’s encryption software deploys in minutes and is installed directly to the network. The software is invisible to users, and there’s no admin functions, consoles, or apps to manage. Active Cypher operates silently behind the scenes, encrypting and protecting every file on file servers, transparently decrypting and re-encrypting files automatically.

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