Enable your data to protect itself

Active Cypher simplifies Data Loss Prevention by providing protection across the entire data supply chain, rendering sensitive data worthless to ransomware attackers and turning potential data breaches from catastrophes to inconveniences.
We place businesses in control of risk at the organizational level and restore the freedom to be effective at the individual level.

Data First Security

Compliances with active cypher

Cypher Protect

Cypher Protect is a hybrid/on premise software solution that is built to secure files stored on a file server within an Active Directory (AD) environment.

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Cypher Cloud

Cypher Cloud is a software solution built to secure the files stored in the various file storage services like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

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Cypher Scout

Cypher Scout is an Active Directory Domain & Azure Active Directory structure and configuration analysis tool for use with NTFS File Services and SharePoint/OneDrive.

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use cases

A Solution For Everyone

Active Cypher Healthcare Case Study

Local Hospital Uses Active Cypher to Secure Data in Cloud Collaboration Tools

The medical industry handles a wealth of highly sensitive patient information. A data-centric security strategy improves their ability to share information in cloud collaboration platforms while protecting against data breaches and adhering to regulatory compliance.

Active Cypher MSSP Use Case

How a National Managed Security Service Provider Removed Human Error From Customer Communications and Protected Their Business From Data Loss

Restoring the Rights of Privacy and Security to the Digital World while Decreasing Complexity

Active Cypher Media Management Use Case

Every year, businesses, law enforcement, and citizens struggle to manage exponentially growing media assets. Inexpensive digital CCTV systems, cell phone recordings, pictures, and home surveillance (to mention a few) are now commonplace. Protection, control and access of media is paramount for a multitude of reasons: legal, ethical, and moral.

Encryption Requirements For Financial Services

The financial industry is among most regulated in the world. With strong data security requirements for banking and financial industries due to the sensitive and private data dealt with.

“Financial institutions should employ encryption to mitigate the risk of disclosure or alteration of sensitive information in storage and transit.”