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Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Use Case

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

How a National Managed Security Service Provider Removed Human Error From Customer Communications and Protected Their Business From Data Loss

Restoring the Rights of Privacy and Security to the Digital World While Decreasing Complexity

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) are extensions of their customers’ I.T. departments. They are trusted to manage the safety and integrity of an organization’s most sensitive information, such as strategic plans, financial reports, sales plans, customer information, and more.

The trusted nature of MSSP’s work makes them targets of cybercrime because they hold the keys to many customers’ digital assets. As a result, they must continue to stay at the forefront of protection to maintain the integrity of their business.

MSSPs struggle with the same business problems as any other:

  • Competition trying to gain intelligence

  • Random and targeted cybercrime

  • Human errors

  • Disgruntled employees

The difference for MSSPs is that if they are compromised, so are their customers, which could be hundreds of businesses.

  • Cyberattacks against Managed Service Providers, including MSSPs, jump 67% in 2022

  • 90% of MSSPs have been hit by a successful cyberattack since the COVID pandemic began

  • MSSP monitoring and security management tools are the primary target of cybercriminals

  • By 2025, 60% of all organizations will use cybersecurity risk as primary factor in conducting third-party transactions



  • Securely sharing confidential information with external customers

  • Employees taking intellectual property and leaving the company

  • MSSPs are targeted because of their customers’ information and access

  • Crisis of trust with third-party providers


  • Protect data at the asset level

  • Secure information dynamically

  • Safely share information

  • Able to revoke access remotely

  • Ensure security entirely within customer environment


  • Reduced human error

  • No trusted third party relationship

  • Reduced administrative burden.


The Chief Information Security Officer was concerned that his MSSP Security Operations Center (SOC) was introducing too much risk to their customers when they emailed monthly reports about security operations, architecture vulnerabilities, and incidents.

Their standard practice was that SOC Security Analysts emailed monthly reports to customers with sensitive information about their environments. They were concerned that email was not secure enough for this information. Security Analysts had also accidentally sent reports to the wrong customer on occasion.

The MSSP had employees quit the company after they downloaded strategic plans for product infrastructure, business roadmaps, existing architectures, and customer information to their personal machines. Unfortunately, the MSSP had no way to stop this illegal and inappropriate breach.

Most Data Protection solutions require trusted third-party custodianship of data, encryption keys, or both. Unfortunately, the MSSP has lost confidence in trusted third-party environments and needs complete control over its security environment.


Active Cypher’s Cypher Cloud solution was implemented at the MSSP to secure external data sharing with customers and for internal data protection. Cypher Cloud is completely contained within its environment, and all files are dynamically encrypted based on business policy. Access is controlled by their Azure Active Directory and administered with traditional Microsoft tools.

Monthly security reports are now shared with customers in secure SharePoint enclaves, and using Auth0 to validate access in their local IAM system. As a result, human error has been eliminated in sharing information with the customers.


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