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Media Management Use Case

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Active Cypher Media Management Use Case

Every year, businesses, law enforcement, and citizens struggle to manage exponentially growing media assets. Inexpensive digital CCTV systems, cell phone recordings, pictures, and home surveillance (to mention a few) are now commonplace. Protection, control and access of media is paramount for a multitude of reasons: legal, ethical, and moral.

To add to this, law enforcement agencies have adopted in-car and body-worn camera (BWC) systems ensuring high-resolution video that must be stored and managed for even minor calls.

Media assets cannot be ignored. A media management solution needs to be in place to protect, collect, store and manage media assets utilizing best practices while adhering to laws and in country privacy control regulations.

The stakes are high. Lost or mishandled media assets calls into questions credibility while jeopardizing potential legal or financial actions.

Media Management is a protection and control solution based upon Active Cypher’s Cypher Protect.1 Cypher Protect is a hybrid/on premise software solution that is built to secure files stored on a customer’s file server or cloud service. Cypher Protect encrypts the contents based on business policy enacted using security groups and user ids. Files are controlled through a local agent. Continuous encryption secures media assets from ransomware, personal misuse, accidental or incidental exposure. File controls include sharing, with time-based expiration, rendering, printing, and downloading. Files can be rendered unavailable through a management console. This solution makes it easy for personal to manage files, such as videos, audios, photos, and documents through an intuitive interface. Users with appropriate rights and privileges can generate audit trail reports, view, tag and verify integrity of the asset, as well as automatically purge or archive files based on the business retention policies, cost constraints, and much more.

Sharing media assets has never been easier. The customer’s own cloud service allows businesses to easily share digital files with others. Permissions and privileges are completely customizable by an admin, making sure these users only have access to specific features and files in the cloud storage.

  • Based on Active Cypher’s Cypher Protect

  • Continuous AES 256 Encryption

  • Assign Users Rights & Privileges

  • Storage Policies for retention and hierarchal lifecycle management of files

  • Cost conscience use of short, medium, and long-term storage

  • No installation on users’ devices for viewing videos

  • 100% Browser-based HTML5 Playback

  • Set Sharing Expiration Policies

  • Audit Trails

  • One-Click Upload

  • File Authentication

  • Advanced Sharing Features

  • Share Video Files

  • Multi-User

  • Chain of Custody

  • Customized Classifications

  • Bookmarks

  • Notations

  • Geo-location Mapping

  • Ransomware protection

Active Cypher Media Management:

Law enforcement example:


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