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Active Cypher Healthcare Case Study

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Local Hospital Uses Active Cypher to Secure Data in Cloud Collaboration Tools

Healthcare Case Study

The medical industry handles a wealth of highly sensitive patient information. A data-centric security strategy improves their ability to share information in cloud collaboration platforms while protecting against data breaches and adhering to regulatory compliance.

Protect Data Anywhere

  • Ransomware Protection Flexible data security for remote and mobile workforce

  • Protect files being accessed and shared on mobile and personal devices

  • Secure data sharing in the cloud using Active Cypher

  • Regulatory Compliance


A local hospital that recently experienced a ransomware incident turned to Active Cypher to protect information for their patient data. The information security team required a data protection solution that scaled across a complex ecosystem of internal departments and external stakeholders. The hospital’s data is highly sensitive, containing personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), which is actively targeted by hackers and subject to strict regulations. The Hospital uses cloud collaboration tools to share information and needed a solution that ensured the highest grade of security and encryption to prevent ransomware attacks, data breaches, and adhere to regulatory compliance. Active Cypher was chosen because it gave the Hospital the ability to secure any type of file across multiple environments while integrating easily with existing security technologies. The information security team could secure critical hospital and patient data through Active Cypher, without slowing down information sharing and collaboration workflows.

Supporting Diverse Technology Investments

Medical organizations are increasing their use of storage, collaboration, and communication tools to meet evolving hospital demands. The challenge lies in protecting all data, without making security systems too complex to be managed effectively. Active Cypher works across multiple platforms, integrating with existing security solutions to help businesses maximize their investments.

Active Cypher delivers superior data security

  1. AES 256-bit encryption to protect PII and PHI.

  2. Integrations with modern cloud collaboration applications such as Box, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

  3. Safely shares data and enables the hospital to remotely revoke access anywhere, anytime.

Bottom Line: Secure Cloud Collaboration

The hospital was using OneDrive to share information with external stakeholders and deployed Active Cypher to secure the files and data contained within the collaboration solution. This enabled the hospital to automatically secure any file with strong encryption and set policies to control access to those files. This expanded to other applications such as SharePoint and Google Drive offering the business multiple options for secure collaboration and content management. Active Cypher works easily with the Hospital’s existing security stack without interference.

Using Active Cypher, the hospital achieved major improvements in its processes, protecting consumer PII and PHI, and ransomware attacks as it moved between internal and external teams.

This data is subject to a range of regulatory compliance from state, national and international mandates, and Active Cypher’s continuous encryption and auditing capability support the hospital’s compliance efforts. With Active Cypher, the hospital embraces the convenience and cost efficiencies of popular cloud collaboration platforms without exposing the institution to the risks associated with sharing data beyond the organization’s perimeter. This in turn helps with employee productivity and speeding (quickening) the sharing of data across the institution.


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