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Do you know your Data’s travel plans?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Employees, Email Systems, and Cloud Services transport and store your Data un-protected, exposed, and vulnerable within shared systems, without your knowledge or control.

Our last email we spoke about how whatever you are doing to protect yourself against being breached by hackers you are not truly safe. They have exposed “holes” those hackers seem to find, and you are then breached. No cyber security company selling today can guarantee you won’t be Breached, and Data won’t be lost. They can guarantee quick responses and fabulous backups, but hackers can and will get in. That’s when they steal your DATA.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not be hacked either. The one thing we can guarantee is that your data will never be compromised. It cannot be read by anyone, not authorized by you. They might get it, but they can’t read it so its worthless to them. See below.

This also goes for your employees when they mistakenly open a malicious email by accident, or click on a link that lets the bad guys in. No more worry about an employee making a mistake.

Now to the cost savings. No more ransom demands, no more expensive training of employees, no more associated costs of a breach from repair to publicity, agency notifications, potential lawsuits. Possible lower insurance cost, less likelihood of employee mental health issues that a serve breach could cause.

Don’t you think it’s time to call us, get a demo, and find out how Active Cypher can improve your life?


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