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Do you know what “Data” is, and are you really protected?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

In this world of cybercrime, the corporate world is being breached mercilessly every day. You could easily be the next target, or may have been breached already. With all the safeguards you have in place to prevent bad actors from getting in your systems from server, clouds, all your remote workers personal devices, it is a monumental task to keep your especially important, and much of the time confidential information secure. All systems have some sort of hole or entry way into your computer systems. Also, all the training in the world will not protect you being humans are fallible and they will make mistakes occasionally providing that hacker to be able to infiltrate your system.

How would you like to not worry about the security of your DATA, knowing it was safe and secure and nobody could steal it and use it to extort you or use the information to hurt others. We have that solution for you. Active Cypher has perfected the way you protect your DATA. From your server to the cloud to all your remote workers devices, to emails. Don’t worry about your employees making a mistake, do not even worry about breaches to your systems. Your DATA is completely safe.

Through our preparatory process of encrypting all your data and through the execution of security measures which you have set up already no one who is not authorized to view certain information will ever be able to view it unless you authorize it. Every time DATA is sent outside of your premises it is protected.  Even in the back and forth to the cloud your data is protected which secures most offsite databases company’s data.

In fact, we never have access to your DATA and when we turn the keys over to you, we just monitor the system to make sure it is running at optimum performance and that is it. It is your DATA, you control it, and we feel only you should look at it. No third-party issues.


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