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Protect Your Employees

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Active Cypher – data protection & peace of mind

  • Active Cypher encrypts your data 24/7 everywhere….from all unauthorized users.

  • Your data is protected at rest, in transit, utilized or even if lost.

  • If breached, your data is unreadable to the “bad guys”.

  • Active Cypher, unlike other solutions,  is not a 3rd party provider in securing your data. The Active Cypher solution allows you to manage, operate and control your data, without 3rd party interaction.

  • Active Cypher equally protects your email attachments.

  • We provide compliance with CCPA, HIPPA, GDPR standards.

Active Cypher prevents the execution of ransomware against your data. Our solution is a revolutionary signature-free module, ensuring market-leading detection and remediation of any ransomware strain, whether fileless or file-based. This Active Cypher Solution was engineered for compatibility with existing antivirus software. Active Cypher extends the functionality of your current security systems instead of displacing it


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